ALCO Precision Bullets 


ALCO Bullets, LLC promises you a high-performance long-distance custom bullet designed for precision reloading and shooting. Our bullets are ultra-low drag (ULD) with high ballistic coefficients (BC) allowing you to have tight groups and to be consistently on target time-after-time. At ALCO, we pride ourselves in producing custom bullet designs with the tightest tolerances in the industry for long-range precision shooters. We are bullet-smiths. Our bullets are "hand" made by ballistic technicians. Our bullets do not come off a machine or production line. They are each hand-checked through every part of a six-step process for consistency and quality control.

We want to do everything possible to provide precision bullets for you in a timely manner. Because they are handmade with a slow labor-intensive process, sometimes our waiting period can take awhile until the bullets are placed back in stock. Our web store has a waiting list which will automatically notify you when we add bullets to inventory. You may also contact us directly if you are looking for more than a single box and want a larger amount. We do custom orders. Just give us a heads up. Please watch and ‘Like’ our ALCO Bullets Facebook page to see when we have replenished supplies or are offering new bullet designs too. 

We offer the best value and friendly service. It is easy to do business with us because we work with you. We are family owned and operated – we go the distance for you. 

Thank you for your business.

Bill Shepek

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