Igor Goes Down on Nugent Hog Hunt

Alco Air Boss .457 320 grain Range Report:  Igor Goes Down on Nugent Hog Hunt -Alco bullets wants to share comments and photos from Robert P., a customer, who attended an organized hog hunt on Ted Nugent’s property known as “Sunrize Acres’ in Michigan. The famous singer…

and songwriter provides hunting experiences for real hunters and their families. The Alco Air Boss .457 in 320-grain Ammo shot out of an Airforce Texan stopped Igor, the biggest bore (a 500 pounder!) on the property, according to the guides. Robert said, “I killed the biggest boar on the hunt. I was also the only one who had an entry and big exit when talking with most of the other hunters. Everyone was checking out your ammo. Great slug you make and for me it’s the 320-grain. Igor didn’t even know he was hit.  He walked a little bit and fell. I knew I hit him. But I must’ve been 20 yards away. Very ethical kill. He never knew he was dead lol. And the hole coming out was huge. The guide called him Igor.  The night vision was to my advantage because it was just starting to get light outside”

Robert continues,  “I gave him (Ted Nugent) a box of the Alco .457’s and he liked the hell out of them, by the impression on his face and I think he liked being given something for his autograph instead of just signing stuff. Then I had him sign the first original box I got from you. He was very impressed that the bullet made it through those big plates on that bore, but I already knew what those bullets could do. But that was the biggest bore on the property. I swear that everyone was looking at those bullets. I think this is all I’m ever going to shoot through my Texan. The 320-grain is what I like best. And thank y’all for proving my point. And I was able to do it on a very big hog! You must be able to penetrate a big game animal. Other manufacturers pellets ricochet too much! That big boar was lucky that it didn’t get bone. The exit is perfect! Just plate and flesh were all that bullet needed. Thanks again for all your advice and knowledge.”


We at Alco appreciate Robert’s kind words. Serious outdoorsmen will appreciate the Air Boss .457 excellent air rifle bullets designed for extreme accuracy and maximum terminal ballistics. Upon impact, the metal tip separates allowing the lead pellet to become an open hollow point allowing for significant expansion to take down game humanely. Alco big bore airgun ammo is composed of a swaged soft 100% lead for additional measures to increase your ballistic results.  All of Alco’s big bore air gun pellets are engineered for targets and North American big game hunting. Working in conjunction with prominent airgun manufacturers, we developed the most accurate airgun pellets for serious hunters and shooters in the marketplace. Customers come back due to the “dead-on” accuracy. This great airgun pellet is designed big bore .457 air rifles, such as the 45 Caliber AirForce Texan.

Alco Precision Big Bore Pellets are built on the same ALCO promises an Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) design as our ULD jacketed long range rifle bullets. This is why our big bore pellets are known for accuracy and give you an edge in the field.  The air rifle pellets are custom manufactured for those who want to shoot longer distances and retain accuracy for either hunting or targets with their airguns. The  Alco .457 caliber airgun rifle bullets feature a CNC machined tip to further enhance the pinpoint precision penetration and range. On impact, the tip separates from the lead causing devastating terminal ballistics when hunting game.


Way to go Robert! Congratulations to the group – as everyone on the trip came home with a hog. TaTa Igor! Truly an impressive beast. Also, Ted Nugent’s facebook page has photos and more information about the hunt to check out.

Introducing THE LANCER .457 Big Bore
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