45 Caliber (.452) Big Bore 275 Grain, Metal Tip, Hollow Back ULD

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Part Number: 4510
Packaged: 50 Per Box or 25 Count Hunter Pak
Bullet: AIR GUN 45 Caliber (.452) Big Bore 275 Grain, Metal Tip, Hollow Back, ULD Pellets​
Manufactured: Hand Swaged in the USA by ALCO Bullets
Average Overall Length (AOL): 1.5

Product Description

Introducing Alco 45 Cal .452 Big Bore

The Alco Air Boss line of hand swaged precision big bore 45 Caliber (.452) air gun pellets are engineered for targets and North American big game hunting. These extremely accurate 45 cal .452 airgun bullet pellets are composed of a swaged soft 100% lead along with a CNC metal tip and hollow back. They are ready to go for your 45 Cal air rifle success. Working in conjunction with prominent airgun manufacturers, we developed the most accurate airgun pellets for
serious hunters and shooters in the marketplace. Customers come back due to the “dead-on” accuracy and terminal ballistics to take down game humanely.

Why Alco Air Boss 45 Cal

Unlike anything in the marketplace in 45 caliber, this unique .452 airgun ammo has a different focus over traditional pellets due to the custom CNC Metal tip and Ultra-Low Drag design (ULD). The superior tip provides a perfect meplat adding to the bullets high BC in the field with unsurpassed accuracy. The ULD big bore pellet is engineered for target marksmen and hunters.

How it Works

The Alco 45 Cal Airgun Big Bore Pellets are engineered to take down bigger targets with ease and efficiency. When shot into a ballistic gel, the tip separates acting like a hollow point, causing tremendous terminal expansion. They provide accuracy, speed and penetration ability to humanly use on game. The big-bore airgun ammo is composed of a ULD swaged soft 100% lead design along with the added metal tip.

Alco Bullets swages 100% lead swaged air gun pellets to exactly fit a .452 diameter PCP big bore air gun. They are designed to provide a uniform high-performance projectile for extreme accuracy with smooth clean edges. The lead swaging process uses high pressure to form a bullet in a ULD die. Every pellet is sized and hand-checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. The CNC metal tip, precision diameter control and consistent weights allow for far greater accuracy, provided the shooter matches the diameter to his gun and can experiment with weight. This great 45 Cal airgun ammo is designed for big bore .452 air rifles, such as the Western Bush Buck. It is a game-changer that .452 airgun enthusiasts appreciate.

These big-bore pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) air rifles are revolutionizing the air gun market. The Alco airgun ammo is packaged securely in 50 count protective packaging to arrive at your destination in the same condition as they leave our facility. Call directly to see what we can do for you – 417-331-2100. Thank you!

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