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Precision 50 Caliber (.510) Big Bore Airgun Pellets

The 50 Caliber (.510) Airgun Big Bore Pellets in 350-Grain, and 275-grain Hollow Point and the 275- and 300-grain Hollow Back are part of the new Alco Air Boss line of hand swaged precision big bore 50 Caliber (.510) air gun pellets. This airgun ammo is engineered to take down bigger targets with ease and efficiency. Due to the heavier caliber size and weights, they bring accuracy, speed and penetration ability to humanly use on North American large game. The big bore 350-grain 50 caliber .510 airgun ammo is composed of a swaged soft 100% lead with a hollow point or hollow back. This great airgun ammo is designed big bore .510 air rifles, such as the Umarex Hammer 50 Caliber Air Rifle, the 50 Caliber AirForce Texan and most .50 cal pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) airguns. These big-bore PCP air rifles are revolutionizing the airgun market.

Superior Engineering

The Alco Air Boss line of hand-swaged precision big bore 50 Caliber (.510) air gun pellets are engineered for targets and North American big game hunting. The big bore 50 caliber .510 airgun pellet is composed of a swaged soft 100% lead with a flat base designed to humanely take down game. They have been extensively tested for accuracy and are ready to go for your 50 Caliber air rifle success. These big-bore pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) air rifles are revolutionizing the air gunners market.

Pinpoint Accuracy

ALCO Air Boss Ammo developed for Big Bore PCP Air rifles comes in .308, .357, 457 and .510 calibers. Working in conjunction with prominent airgun manufacturers, we developed the most accurate airgun pellets in the marketplace. The high performance Alco big bore ammo provides you an edge for shooting accuracy, distance and lethality when hunting. We incorporate the same ULD design principals to provide the best pellets to surpass your expectations.

Handcrafted Excellence

The .510 Caliber Airgun pellets are sized and hand-checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. This air gun ammo provides lower friction and a good air seal for rifling engagement. The projectile is built on ultra low drag design for further increased accuracy. The swaged diameter control and consistent weight, allow for far greater precision-provided the shooter matches the diameter to his gun and can experiment with weight.

Alco Bullet Design Advantage

Alco Precision Big Bore Pellets are built on the same ALCO promises an Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) design as our ELD rifle bullets. This is why our big bore pellets are known for accuracy and give you an edge in the field. The airgun pellets are custom manufactured for those who want to shoot longer distances and retain accuracy for either hunting or targets with their airguns.

Precision Swaged Lead

Alco uses pure soft lead for maximum expansion that is swaged to provide a precise projectile with consistent diameter, weight and length. Those with CNC metal tips and ultra-low drag design provide additional range and accuracy. Alco big bore ammo provides you an edge for accuracy and lethality when hunting.

Match Bullet Diameter to Your Gun

Alco recommends you know your airgun’s bore diameter before ordering. Not all airgun calibers are the nsame. You want to order the exact caliber pellet your gun needs.

Handmade Process

Alco Bullets are custom handmade swaged lead premium pellets. The Alco big bore pellets are packaged securely in 50 count protective shipping boxes to arrive at your destination in the same condition as they leave our facility. We send our shipments out in the order received. For custom orders please call.

Call Anytime

You have a direct point of contact with a professional bullet smith for your questions – anytime. Just give us a call (417-331-2100) and we will help you with your needs. We answer our calls directly. Our precision extreme long range bullets are in high demand. We do work often on a backlog because our shooters are using them faster than we can produce. Thus, please plan ahead and let us know what you need and when. We do everything we can to make you happy. We want an open line of communication to help you. We are always available to take your call. We are family owned and appreciate your business. Alco has more exciting offerings coming for the big bore air rifle enthusiasts in the .510 caliber. Watch for new product releases!

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