Surgical ALCO Precision Bullets 7-step hand made process

Surgical ALCO Precision
The phrase “surgical precision” is often attributed in situations where care, knowledge, technical capability and judgment are vital for success. ALCO Bullets uses a seven-step hand process to insure you receive the most accurate high-performance bullets on the market. One key step is to swage the lead cores to be the exact weight for every projectile we offer. The photo here shows swaged pieces left over from a run on our 168-grain bullets. Like a surgeon, we wear protective surgical gloves throughout the process. Each finished lead core is further hand weighed with their respective jackets and tips to be with in tolerances of .02 (+/-) grains. This is slow and labor intensive, but well worth it for the end result. Long-range shooters have had tremendous success with our Precision .308 in 168-grains.

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