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ALCO Precision .452 ALPHA HUNTER 325 Grain, Smokeless Muzzle Loader, 12 Ogive, Machined Aluminum Tip, Box of 50

$105.00 Tax

Part Number: 1018
Packaged: 50 Per Box
Tip: Machined Aluminum Tip – 12 Ogive
Bullet: Copper Jacket, Thin .016, Lead Core
Manufactured: USA
Bullet OAL: 1.50
Bullet BC G1: .522
Sectional Density: .227
Twist Rate: 1/20 to 1/22
Calculations based on MV of 2500 fps

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Product Description

These handmade extreme long-range precision smokeless muzzle loader .452 bullets are engineered to have very high ballistic coefficients (BC) and are ultra-low drag (ULD) to be accurate and hold in wind conditions. ALCO Bullets are known for having the unique CNC machined tip with great meplat which adds to the stability for the competitive long-distance shooter or hunter. The pinpoint tip allows for a closer track to the point of aim during wind conditions to provide more stability when shooting. The jackets are designed to achieve maximum hunting stopping power. These custom bullets are engineered with the tightest tolerances in the industry. They are checked for base to ogive and weight to insure consistency. Every bullet is sized and hand checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. They are a hunting bullet with excellent terminal ballistics.

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