ALCO Precision .308 220 Grain RBT ULD Machined Metal Tip – Box of 50

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Part Number: 1008
Packaged: 50 Per Box
Tip: ULD Machined Metal CNC Tip
Bullet: 100% Copper Jacket and Lead Core
Manufactured: USA
Bullet OAL: 1.66
Bullet BC G1: .888
Sectional Density: .331
Twist Rate: 1/8.5
Calculations based on MV of 2500 fps

Product Description

ALCO Precision .308 Caliber Bullets

Alco handmade extreme long-range (ELR) precision rifle .308 bullets are engineered to have very high ballistic coefficients (BC) and ultra-low drag (ULD) to be accurate and hold in wind conditions. ELR, Ultra Long Range (ULR), and hunting re-loaders appreciate the accuracy of these bullets. Our .308 Caliber precision bullets feature custom aluminum tips which are precision CNC machined to be longer than polymer tips which move the center of gravity and enhance in-flight stability for the competitive long-distance shooter or hunter. The aerodynamic ballistic tip results in tighter groups and reduced drag variability.

The ALCO bullet Ultra Low Drag (ULD) specification includes a rebated boat tail design instead of the standard boat tail for about 15% gain in accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast-induced dispersion. All of these elements ensure precision shooting for target shooters and sportsmen giving them an edge like no other on the market. They are a re-loaders dream for the 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Blackout , 300 WSM, 30 Nosler, 300 RUM, and the 300 Norma.

Precision Extreme Long Range (ELR) Bullets

ALCO offers the best precision extreme long range (ELR) bullets and big bore airgun pellets custom manufactured in the US. Our bullet-smiths build the most accurate long-range bullets. The projectiles are designed for off-the-shelf production guns or for those who want to push custom built rifles and airguns to a higher level. All of our precision bullets and pellets are built on a Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) design and engineered with unparalleled exacting tolerances for the highest degree of accuracy target marksmen and hunters demand. The Alco Precision long range rifle bullets are available in .224-, .284-, .308-, .338- and .452 (Smokeless Muzzleloader) -calibers for hand loaders. This is not ammunition.

Precision Performance

Providing the most accurate precision-engineered extreme long-range bullets for off-the-shelf production guns or for those who want to push custom built rifles and airguns to a higher level.

Handcrafted Excellence

Each custom bullet and pellet is crafted and inspected by bullet smiths at every stage of the build for high-quality control.

Superior Engineering

Every Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) bullet is engineered with unparalleled exacting tolerances for the highest degree of accuracy target marksmen and hunters demand.

Unique High Ballistic Design

The Rebated Boattail (RBT) lends itself to high ballistic coefficients and will conform faster and more efficiently to your rifle bore adding to your barrel life compared to conventional boattails.

Alco Bullet Design Advantage

Check out our All About Bullets/blog page to see ballistic gel test results and learn more about our terminal ballistics from customers.

Perfect Tips

The CNC Machined Metal Tip provides a perfect meplat adding to the bullet’s high BC in the field.

Pinpoint Accuracy

You receive a superior bullet with laser-like accuracy in the wind that is unsurpassed anywhere.

Technical Innovation

Constantly introducing and pushing the limits of bullet design to give you an edge over the competition. We are constantly working on new precision calibers.

Accurate Lethal Reliable

Alco Bullets are known for their accuracy in the wind and long-range trajectories – these bullets and airgun big bore pellets please the most demanding shooters. Our bullet smiths build the most innovative high-performance bullets in the market.

Chamfering Tool

Alco recommends utilizing a VLD chamfering tool for case mouth preparation and high-quality seating dies that include a ULD seating stem. Do not tumble. Call if you need more information.

Load Information

Follow the recommendations of any similarly weighted projectiles for your favorite powder choices. Alco does not provide specific load information.

Handmade Process

Alco Bullets are custom handmade premium projectiles. The Alco bullets are packaged securely in 50- count protective shipping boxes to arrive at your destination in the same condition as they leave our facility. We send our shipments out in the order received. For custom orders please call.

Flat Base Bullets, Custom Order

Flat Base is available by request in the same weights for the same price as the rebated boattails. These normally take a few days to produce.

Call Anytime

You have a direct point of contact with a professional bullet smith for your questions – anytime. Just give us a call (417-331-2100) and we will help you with your needs. We answer our calls directly. Our precision extreme long-range bullets are in high demand. We do work often on a backlog because our shooters are using them faster than we can produce. Thus, please plan ahead and let us know what you need and when. We do everything we can to make you happy. We want an open line of communication to help you. We are always available to take your call. We are family owned and appreciate your business.


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