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ALCO Precision .284 in 195 Grain RBT ULD Machined Metal Tip – Box of 50

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Part Number: 1024-2
Packaged: 50 Per Box
Tip: ULD Machined Metal CNC Tip
Bullet: 100% Copper Jacket and Lead Core
Manufactured: USA
Bullet OAL: 1.60
Bullet BC G1: .850
Sectional Density: .345
Twist Rate: 1/8
Calculations based on MV of 3000 fps

Product Description

ALCO Precision .284 (7MM) in 195 Grain RBT ULD Machined CNC Ballistic Metal Tip

These handmade extreme long-range precision bullets are engineered to have very high ballistic coefficients (BC) and are ultra-low drag (ULD) to be accurate and hold in wind conditions. ALCO Bullets are known for having the unique CNC machined tip with great meplat which adds to the stability for the competitive long-distance shooter or hunter. The rebated boat tail (RBT) further adds to the projectile’s accuracy. The custom bullets are engineered with the tightest tolerances in the industry. They are checked for base to ogive and weight to insure consistency. Every bullet is sized and hand checked during production for quality at each stage of the build.

The ALCO bullet ULD specification includes a rebated boat tail (RBT) design instead of the standard boat tail for about 15% gain in accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast induced dispersion. ALCO ULD bullets use both a rebated boat tail and a 14-caliber secant with a .014-inch offset from tangent, to achieve minimum air resistance for a given weight and caliber. All of these elements ensure precision shooting for target shooters and sportsmen giving them an edge like no other on the market. They are an extreme long-distance re-loaders dream.

Please Note: Alco recommends utilizing a VLD chamfering tool for case mouth preparation and high quality seating dies that include a ULD seating stem. Do not tumble. Call if you need more information.

2 reviews for ALCO Precision .284 in 195 Grain RBT ULD Machined Metal Tip - Box of 50

  1. Pofocky

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  2. Gabe S

    A last minute Leopard /Hyena hunt came my way Oct. 2020. Not sure on hunting performance of the 195 gr. 284, I wrapped up 2 pork shoulders in an old deer hide. Devestating damage, deep penetration, and raw energy gave me the confidence to hunt one of Africa’s most dangerous game- the leopard. Super fast end extremely agile, there is simply NO room for error. With one shot , the 137 LBS leopard expired humanely and quickly. With all of the energy dumped inside, the exit wound was not substantial. The inside of the vitals on the other hand, was a different story. Almost no lung left on the off side, the rest of the lungs, and surrounding tissue were,simply put, hamburger. It looked like a C4 charge went off inside. My mind was blown. The Hyena was no different. A few impala later, the performance continued to impress. Now a Gemsbok (Orix) extremely hardy animal, also succomed to the outstanding performance of the 195gr. .284. Again, the double lung shot tells the story. Expanssion, energy transfer, penetration, the thing that dreams are made of, in the bullet performance arena. But wait…. I haven’t even mentioned accuracy. Bulls-eye shot after shot. Sighted in at 284ft. elev. at 64deg. F, hunted Namibia at 4785F 95 deg. F. again, bulls-eye. Center punch tac driver, time after time. Highly, highly recommend Alco bullets.

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