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Air Boss Ammo (Air Gun Pellets)

Alco Bullets is excited to introduce our Air Boss Ammo lineup developed for Big Bore PCP Air rifles. Working in conjunction with prominent airgun manufacturers, we developed the most accurate airgun pellets for serious hunters and shooters in the marketplace. Customers come back due to the “dead-on” accuracy.

Alco uses pure soft lead for maximum expansion that is swaged to provide a precise projectile with consistent diameter, weight and length. Those with CNC metal tips and ultra-low drag design provide additional range and accuracy. Alco big bore ammo provides you an edge for accuracy and lethality when hunting.

TJ, from Texas, says, “Holy crap… oh my God… That is awesome… They are just surgically accurate.”

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Introducing Precision .338 Caliber to the Alco Line-up!
Because of machinery upgrades, we will back in production to fulfill orders the week of August 30. Thank you.