Long-Range High-Performance Bullet Report for ALCO .308 220 Grain

Pushing the Edge
Recently, ALCO Bullets received a range report about our Precision .308 RBTST ULD projectiles in 220 grain from Marc in North Carolina that we are sharing. We appreciate his kind words and data. Marc said, “I took your 220 steel tips and loaded them up in my 300-win mag to the edge of comfort. I got 1/3 MOA groups, with a beautiful cloverleaf. The 300-win mag 220 grain …cold bore was 2884, and the damn thing kept getting faster. After plugging it into the Kestrel, I have 1500 ft/lbs. at 1175 meters (9.3 mil hold) and 1000 ft/lbs. out to 1600 meters (15.4 mil hold). Your products are out-F#59&dG-standing.”

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