Determining Bullet Seating Depth Video

ALCO Bullets wanted to share a brief video on how it to get the best performance out of a cartridge with high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) Ultra Low Drag (ULD) bullets for long range shooting. The video provides easy to follow tips on how to load your cartridges so the bullet sits the correct distance from the lands in the chamber before pulling the trigger. It was determined that you need a maximum overall length that is 15 – 25 thousandths away from touching the lands for an optimum performance starting point. The demonstration uses a simple tool that helps to find the Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) which is key to a successful load. Bullets shoot best by being set up close to the lands. ALCO is known for their high BC ULD bullets and would be a good choice for any long-distance shooter who needs a good system. To see our precision bullet selections, please go to

The YouTube video shared, is a discussion by Aaron Davidson, founder and CEO of Gunwerks LLC on Oct. 11, 2011. Thank you.

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