10 holes in One -Target Results 300 Grain in .45 Raptor Bolt Action

Ten in One!

The target here shows 10 rounds through the same hole! ALCO Bullets would like to thank Nik Woods for providing photos of targets that he shot using our Precision Smokeless Muzzle Loader 300 Grain and Alpha Hunter 325 Grain ULD projectiles. Here is what Nik had to say about the shots: “The .452 300 grain – .318 center-to-center group shot at 100 yards. First shot foul. The next 10 rounds are .318. This was shot out of a custom .45 raptor bolt action 1:24 twist McGowen 28” barrel on a Remington 700 action. THANK YOU”
We appreciate his comments.

Nik Woods is a gunsmith. He builds .45 Raptors on Remington 700 short actions and Savage short actions. If you are interested in speaking to him directly his contact information is:

Nik Woods


4328 Walker Rd.

Marlette, MI 48453

Home = 989-635-3472

Cell = 810-516-5106

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