On Target with Precision .308 155 Grain Long-distance Bullets

Comments we love to hear – Recently, Paul Y. in Pennsylvania sent us a message saying, “I shot your bullets today and they are fantastic. I shot them next to Bergers, Hornady and Sierra and beside shooting better, they shot 1in. high as all other brands were low. Your bullet is going 2960 sitting on top of 46.5 gr. of Varget. The 5 shot group is half inch outside to outside. The gun is Bat action, Krieger barrel, McMillan stock, Ken Farrell rings and Mark 4 Leupold 8.5-25-50. Lapua brass and CCI BR primers. Get your Precision .308 155 grain RBT’s today and see the difference a handmade precision bullet will make for you.

Introducing THE LANCER .457 Big Bore
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