New Look for Alco’s Custom Precision Bullets


Off we go to the wild blue yonder. YES, we’ve made another change. We think it is important that our handmade high performance bullets not only be known for their accuracy; they should look good to the beholder. We’ve been getting great calls lately from people who are excited when they open up their box of custom precision bullets to see the new darker blue finish. We added a new finishing process to make it so. Our shiny machined silver tips are now a bit deeper in shade in some calibers. Wassily Kandinsky, a painter and art theorist says, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” We think so too. And, it seems like in these dark times, we should have a dark bullet – at least for awhile. This may change again. Honestly, it was pretty hard to say goodbye to the silver.

We are not fooling around. We take our Alco ultra-low drag bullets very seriously no matter what color. Alco’s precision bullet tips are CNC machined for extreme accuracy. Every thousandth in improvement we can obtain out of a bullet, gives you just that much more for you to have an edge down range in acquiring your target. The meplat is needle sharp and you can hurt yourself just by touching the head of our bullets. This is just one small part of what helps them hold their trajectory in the wind like no other.

All of our Alco Precision .308 in 175-grain will have the new look when you order them. These custom precision bullets are used for both target and hunting. The tip separates on impact and the 100% copper jacket with solid lead core acts like a hollow point for excellent terminal ballistic performance.

Please feel free to call us anytime to speak directly to an actual bullet smith to address your long range custom projectile needs at 417-501-6961 – stay well and be safe out there.

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