Introducing Long-Range Precision .224 in 69-Grain Rebated Boat Tail Aluminum Tip Ultra Low Drag

Countrymen, Make Ready!

Today, we are excited to announce that Alco Long Range Bullets is introducing a new line of Patriot Pills – Precision .224 in 69-Grain Rebated Boat Tail Aluminum Tip Ultra Low Drag (RBTAT ULD). Not only do we have a new bullet caliber in .224, we have new packaging and are ready to show it all off! We have been perfecting these little beauties and testing them all summer for your long-range shooting pleasure. For a small caliber, they are extremely accurate and pack a serious wallop. They have been fun to shoot and it seemed like they should have some fun packaging to go with it. Honestly, we were making them up in the shop and started talking about how bullets are referred to as “pills.” It took off from there. They became “Patriot Pills” at that point. We charged into the house, rounded up a prescription bottle and low and behold – 50 quantity of the .224s fit perfectly in a medical push cap bottle – who knew?

Alco ramped up the fun another level with a FREE Giveaway on our Facebook page to the first person who could get closest to the caliber, grain weight, along with a wild guess for the G1-BC as a tie breaker to win 50 of these Patriot Pills. We are going through the results now and will be contacting the winner soon.

But truthfully, precision and accuracy doesn’t happen overnight. These long-range rifle bullets are totally custom made by hand in ALCO’s shop to be technologically advanced. We melt 100% percent lead and push the hot molten matter into molds to make cores. We are using a new machined aluminum tip with a great meplat for superior accuracy and to create a serious Ballistic Coefficient for the size bullet in the market. All elements of these bullets are made in the United States. Each projectile is placed on a jeweler’s scale and hand weighed to be (+/- .02) to perfection for consistency. This is cannot be duplicated in production bullet factories. The weights and other design characteristics cannot hold our tolerances.

Reliability and craftsmanship is a constant with Alco. Thr RBT or Rebated Boat tail base is an advanced form of a conventional boat tail base, which adds a 90-degree step or shoulder between the angled base and the shank of the bullet, to act as a ‘spoiler’ and break up muzzle gas flow, provide a better seal in the bore, and cause a more rapid and concentric transition from the muzzle to free flight tan a boat tail angle emerging from the barrel.”Needless to say, our custom bullets take time, but is well worth it for the results. All of these engineered design elements are key for an accuracy prescription with an ALCO Precision bullet in not only our new .224, but in our .308, .452 and 7mm calibers too.

These bullets are ideal for long action 223 Remington 22/250 and the 224 Valkyrie.

Please Like our Facebook/Alco 1945 to watch for upcoming promotions and calibers. Alco Precision Long Range Bullets is pleased to have you try these out and let us know how they work for you. To get your own .224 precision long range bullets, please go to and shoot them up!

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