Greatness in ALCO Bullet Precision .224 for your Creedmoor and Valkyrie

Get your 22 Creedmoor and Valyrie’s ready for one sweet bullet. These precision high-BC projectiles come in 69-, 77- and 90-grain and pack lots of punch down range with tight groups to make your day. The above targets were shot by a customer in Oklahoma using both 22 Creedmoor and Valkyrie. He has shoot each of our .224 in every weight in the rebated boat tail and 77 grain in a flat base. He said, “RBT (rebated boat tail) getting a BC of 77.45 with the 77 flat base at 720 yards. Tagged my 10 in going about the 5th shot had missed, figured it hit a little low first few shots. Come up 1 in busted it. I’m up 14.25 at 720. Speed is 3250 at 800 yards.” On the lower right target he says they show, “77 FB (flat base) in Xbolt 9 Twist 22/250 at 3300 fps. Lower holes show a different gun with the 69 grain.”

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