Alco Takes Smokeless Muzzleloaders to a Higher Level – Precision .452


YES, it’s getting to be that time of year again to harvest game and put away food for winter. One sure fire way to get more out of your hunting effort with your smokeless muzzy, is to use an Alco Precision .452 Smokeless Muzzleloader Bullet. Our handmade high performance bullets are designed to hold their trajectory in the wind like no other on the market. The new aluminum precision bullet tips are machined for superior high ballistic coefficients. Every element is well engineered for extreme long distance accuracy.

Smokeless Muzzleloaders are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. We have come a long way from your grandfather’s hunting days with technology. Utilizing smokeless power means you will be experiencing much less recoil – something most of us will appreciate. By using half as much smokeless power, it makes this style of rifle a great choice for marksmen today. A reduced power load means less cost for you too. And, smokeless powder has been proven to be safer to handle than the more easily ignitable black powder style rifles according to U.S. Military and Department of Transportation reports. Not to mention using a less caustic propellant will help to increase the life span of your rifle with less fowling for consistent bore condition with each shot.

Hunters appreciate using an Alco accurate high performance bullet when in the field. They are as lethal as they look. You want your bullet to provide more terminal energy for a clean shot with a humane result. Upon impact the Alco tip separates allowing the 100% copper jacket with swaged pure lead core to expand providing maximum terminal ballistics with striking power to drop game in their tracks quickly. This is something all of our copper jacketed bullets will do from the smallest .224 to our .452s. You won’t be disappointed.              

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