Alco Air Boss 50 Caliber Air Rife Swaged Lead Bullets

MORE BIG BORE Hunting has changed. We’ve come a long way from your boyhood BB gun. More and more hunters are starting to take note of big bore air rifles for shooting targets and now harvesting large game. We are no longer shooting an imperfect lead ball, but a well designed swaged projectile that is streamlined. The Alco Air Boss Big Bore bullet was built for 50 caliber air gun accuracy. These great swaged lead projectiles can also used in the AirForce Texan and other big bore pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) air rifles too. The Air Boss has been extensively tested for accuracy and is ready to go for your air gunning success. Every bullet is sized and hand checked during production for quality and consistency. You want precision downrange. That’s what you will get with an Alco. It’s what we do. AIR RIFLE POPULARITY Air guns have been widely used in Europe for quite awhile and are gaining in popularity for shooters in the states. Not only are the fun to shoot, they are very effective for big-game hunting due to newer technologies that have come out recently. Some of the biggest changes have been in the more powerful larger 50 caliber big bore air guns. AIR AMMO RULES We all know that gun laws are changing and becoming more restrictive. Right now there are approximately 15 states that allow big game hunting with air rifle ammo. Most states will permit smaller varmints without a problem. You need to refer to what your state allows with the DNR. Where we live in Missouri we can shoot white tail deer with one, but our neighbors in Iowa cannot. HANDMADE HIGH PERFORMANCE BULLETS        We specialize in handmade, custom engineered bullets for extreme long-distance shooters. While a small company, we don’t take a backseat to anyone when it comes to building a precision bullet. Whether it you want a small .224 or .452 jacketed bullet or an air rifle .510 swaged lead projectile, we are on it for you.
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