Alco .224 Precision Bullets Engineered for Hunting and Target – Feral Hogs


Bringing in the Bacon
Alco .224 precision bullets are hell on hogs. We have customers who are reporting that our Alco’s will not only accurately shoot 1000 yard targets; they pack a devastating punch and will stop game in their tracks – especially swine. The photo above shows the bullet wound results on a feral hog sent in from a gentleman in Oklahoma who made the shot. You would not think that such a small .224 in 77-grain would knock a hog down, but the projectiles can bring in the bacon. And, who doesn’t like bacon?

Duo Purpose Bullets – Hunting and Target
Ulta-low drag (ULD) Alco engineered bullets with rebated boat tails are designed to hold trajectories in the wind for long distance shooters. Because of the ULD design, these copper jacketed bullets with lead cores and machined tips have great success in the hunting arena. On impact, the tip separates and the bullet expands for maximum devastation in vital area shots. They are definitely a duo purpose bullet that will help you harvest not only pigs, but deer, elk and other large animals.

Where to Hunt
Even though feral pigs have spread to thirty-five states, not every state welcomes those who want to hunt for hogs. We are located in Missouri, which is a state that prefers to have the DNR capture them, rather than shot by individual hunters. The feeling is that pigs become wise to hunters and will scatter becoming more elusive to human presence. If you grew up on a farm, you know that pigs are pretty smart. You need to check with your state regulations to see what is permitted. We certainly like to eat the wild hog. Our nearby states, Arkansas and Oklahoma, will let people harvest them. Thus, this is where we head to fill up our freezer. Besides, it’s all organic and grown in the USA. In these times it is something to consider as the price and availability of meat in our grocery stores seems to be more of an unknown.

Introducing THE LANCER .457 Big Bore
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