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Alco Bullets would like to thank Eric Henderson/Adventures Afield for providing a video of his 2022 Missouri Deer hunt. He used our Alco Bullet Air Boss 350 grain big bore hollow point pellets with success. Missouri Deer Hunt

The video was shot in Northern Missouri where the animals have access to big corn and bean fields producing good sized deer that hunters like to harvest. You can see the expansion on the big bore pellet photo that he removed from the deer. Alco’s are known for their accuracy and terminal ballistics. Alco worked with Umarex to develop this pellet for hunting with the Hammer.

The big whitetail buck was no match for the duo pellet and airgun. 50 Caliber Big Bore Airgun Pellet The Alco Air Boss line of hand swaged precision big bore 50 Caliber (.510) air gun pellets are engineered for targets and North American big game hunting. The big airgun ammo is composed of a swaged soft 100% lead with a flat base designed to humanely take down large game. They have been extensively tested for accuracy and are ready to go for your 50 Caliber air rifle success. This great air gun ammo is designed big bore .510 air rifles, such as the Umarex Hammer 50 Caliber Air Rifle and the 50 Caliber AirForce Texan. These big-bore pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) air rifles are revolutionizing the air gunners market. 

Bullet Swaging vs Casting

Swaging uses materials which can be pressure-formed at room temperature. The method used by Alco Bullets, benchrest bullet makers, and virtually everyone who is interested in making the most accurate bullet possible, is swaging, or pressure-forming. These can include solid or jacketed lead, plastic and powdered metals. The tools are a high pressure press that can flow the bullet materials without melting them, and diamond-lapped, high precision dies with matching punches that instantly give the materials their final dimensions (shape, caliber and even internal constructions) with no further processing, lubricating, or sizing.

To “Swage” is to form projectiles — bullets, not loaded cartridges — using high pressure at room temperature to flow materials in the cavity of a diamond-lapped, high precision die. No heat is used. Materials to be swaged move like putty under 10,000 to 50,000 psi pressure to take on the size, finish, and shape of the die cavity.
Swage is pronounced like “wage” or “stage”. It is not “swag” like “rag” or “bag”. A swag is curtain fabric draped in a loop, items stolen by a thief, or party gifts, not a process.

Swaging is the opposite of drawing. When you DRAW a bullet or jacket, you push it through an open ring die that reduces the size. When you SWAGE a bullet, you expand it to a slightly larger size in a pressure-sealed die. You can draw down, but you always swage up.

Pressure in the 10,000 to 50,000 psi range is applied with a powerful high precision press. The pressure is applied through hardened, high strength punches which compress the material inside the diamond lapped die. This causes expansion in diameter to the exact shape and size of the die cavity and punch ends, transferring the precision finish of the die and punch to the bullet.


Casting is the oldest method, as well as the one that most hobby reloaders use. Casting uses a lead furnace to melt the bullet alloys, mould handles, a mould for each weight, shape, and caliber of bullet, then a sizer and lubricator device to correct the diameter and apply a thick bullet lubricant.

All Alco airgun pellets are sized and hand-checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. This smooth-sided air gun ammo provides lower friction and a good air seal for rifling engagement. The precision diameter control and consistent weights allow for far greater accuracy, provided the shooter matches the diameter to his gun and can experiment with weight.

Match Bullet Diameter to Your Gun

Alco recommends you know your airgun’s bore diameter before ordering big bore pellets. Not all airgun calibers are the same. You know you will want the bigger calibers to hunt game, but do you know exactly the bore diameter of your airgun:  caliber refers to the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel.You want your ammo to fit snuggly fit inside the barrel. You don’t want it to fall out or rattle around.

Hollow Point (HP) or Hollow Back (HB)

The .510 Air Boss Ammo comes in Hollow Point (HP) or Hollow Back (HB) profiles depending on the hunters preference. They are offered in a range of 350- to 275 grain weights. Both are extremely accurate and lethal.

What are hollow-point pellets used for?

Having a hollow tip means reducing the chance of over penetration. As a result, it maximizes possible energy dumped into the target with the outer rim of that tip expanding to cause maximum damage. For this reason, hollow points are designed as a hunting pellet.

Do you shoot hollow points at deer?

Hollow points are generally designed for rapid expansion, and even near-explosive fragmentation at high velocities. For deer hunting, they work well out of slower, large-caliber rifles. They still expand rapidly, creating quick trauma, but the heavy bullets retain enough weight to penetrate deeply and do the job.

The hollow point is a conventional waisted pellet but the tip as the name suggests is hollow. Having a hollow tip means reducing the chance of over-penetration. As a result, it maximizes possible energy dumped into the target with the outer rim of that tip expanding to cause
maximum damage. For this reason, hollow points are designed as a hunting pellet. They are really effective and do their job well. However, hollow points are practically unbeatable only at a close or medium range. If the target is at a long distance, the velocity may drop off too much for expansion to occur.

Eric video with the Alco 50 Caliber .510 350-grain Air gun Pellet

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