ALCO AIR BOSS 50 Caliber (.510) Big Bore Air Rifle 350 GRAIN, Swaged Lead, FB, HP, 50 COUNT Box


Part Number: 1103
Packaged: 50 Count Per Box
Bullet: AIR GUN .510 Flat Base Hollow Point 350 GRAIN
Manufactured: USA

Product Description

These superior hand swaged precision big bore 50 Caliber (.510) air rifle bullets are engineered for air gunners to use in the field for North American big game hunting. These 350-grain 50 caliber air gun bullets are a soft 100% lead with a hollow point designed to provide maximum expansion and stopping power when hunting. They are packaged securely in 50 COUNT protective shipping boxes to arrive at your destination undamaged for a clean shot. Built and designed initially for the new Umarex Hammer 50 Caliber Air Gun, these great projectiles are also used in the 50 Caliber AirForce Texan and other big-bore pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) air rifles too. The pellets are designed to humanely take down large game by creating maximum expansion and hydrostatic shock. They have been extensively tested for accuracy and are ready to go for your 50 Caliber air rifle success. Every bullet is sized and hand-checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. We will have other calibers and grain weights ready soon –  give us a call to let us know your needs.


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