50 Caliber (.510) Air Boss Ammo (Air Gun Pellets) Big Bore Air Rifle 275 Grain, Hollow Back

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Part Number: 1104
Packaged: 50 Per Box
Bullet: AIR GUN Pellet .510 Big Bore  275 GRAIN Hollow Back
Manufactured: Hand Swaged in the USA by ALCO Bullets

Product Description

50 Caliber (.510) Air Boss Air Gun Pellets Big Bore Air Rifle 275 Grain, Hollow Back

The 50 Caliber (.510) Airgun Big Bore Pellets in 275 Grain, Hollow Back is part of the new Alco Air Boss line of hand swaged precision big bore 50 Caliber (.510) air gun pellets. This airgun ammo is engineered to take down bigger targets with ease and efficiency. Due to the heavier caliber size and weights, they bring accuracy, speed and penetration ability to humanly use on North American large game. The big bore 275-grain 50 caliber .510 airgun ammo is composed of a swaged soft 100% lead with a hollow back. They have been extensively tested for accuracy and are ready to go for your 50 Caliber airgun success. This great airgun ammo is designed big bore .510 air rifles, such as the Umarex Hammer 50 Caliber Air Rifle, the 50 Caliber AirForce Texan and most .50 cal pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) airguns. These big-bore PCP air rifles are revolutionizing the airgun market.

Alco Bullets swages 100% lead swaged air gun pellets to exactly fit a .510 diameter PCP big bore air gun. They are designed to provide a uniform high performance projectile for extreme accuracy with smooth clean edges. The lead swaging process uses high pressure to form a bullet in a die. This is far superior to a cast bullet. Alco airgun pellets are formed at room temperature for more consistent diameter size and weight. Every pellet is sized and hand-checked during production for quality at each stage of the build. This smooth-sided air gun ammo provides lower friction and a good air seal for rifling engagement. The precision diameter control and consistent weights allow for far greater accuracy, provided the shooter matches the diameter to his gun and can experiment with weight.

The Alco air gun ammo is packaged securely in 50 count protective shipping boxes to arrive at your destination in the same condition as they leave our facility. Alco has more exciting offerings coming for the big bore air rifle enthusiasts in the .510 well new calibers. Right now we are working on some .308 and .457 caliber that are in testing and going to be what we think are game changers based on design. Watch for new product releases!

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