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High-Performance for 45 Cartridge and Smokeless Muzzle loader .452 in 300 grain

ALCO Bullets has developed a Precision .452 bullet in 300 grain that is an excellent performer for a 45-caliber cartridge gun as well as a Smokeless Muzzle loader rifle. This projectile has a machined metallic tip that allows it to have a bit shorter overall length (OAL) than some of our other bullets in this weight. Having a smaller OAL makes the 300 grain 10 ogive bullet, a great choice for the hunter and shooter who is looking for something heavier with a high BC to fit in their 45 chambers.

CUSTOM - ACCURATE - LETHAL-- See innovative .457 ULD Metal Tip big bore airgun pellet for extreme accuracy!
Because of machinery upgrades, we will back in production to fulfill orders the week of August 30. Thank you.