High-Performance for 45 Cartridge and Smokeless Muzzle loader .452 in 300 grain

ALCO Bullets has developed a Precision .452 bullet in 300 grain that is an excellent performer for a 45-caliber cartridge gun as well as a Smokeless Muzzle loader rifle. This projectile has a machined metallic tip that allows it to have a bit shorter overall length (OAL) than some of our other bullets in this weight. Having a smaller OAL makes the 300 grain 10 ogive bullet, a great choice for the hunter and shooter who is looking for something heavier with a high BC to fit in their 45 chambers.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Introducing Precision .338 Caliber to the Alco Line-up!
Because of machinery upgrades, we will back in production to fulfill orders the week of August 30. Thank you.