High-performance .308 175 grain ULD bullet

Count Yourself Lucky

It’s not just luck that makes ALCO Bullets special, it’s dedication and good old-fashioned hard work on our part to deliver high performance projectiles. We would like for you to take a look at our .308 175 grain RBTAT ULD bullet shown here. This is another bullet in our lineup that we have honed up to increase accuracy for ultra-long-distance shooters and hunters. All of our bullets are handmade and like a custom gun, take time to make. Even though it takes us a little longer to get these projectiles out to you, we feel it is important to make them the best they can be. Please know if these or any of our other bullets are not available on our site at AlcoBullets.com – you can contact us directly for a custom order. It helps us plan and assures you will get what you need. We appreciate our customers and want to provide good service. Thank you.

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