EXTREME DUTY! – Huber 2-Stage Trigger for Remington 700 – Rex Reviews

EXTREME DUTY! – Huber 2-Stage Trigger for Remington 700 – Rex Reviews
TiborasaurusRex, Published May 15, 2014

“These custom tuned Huber triggers are truly “tier-1” units and are not comparable to other aftermarket triggers. These units are geared for professional shooters who demand a precision unit that can still be depended upon in “life and death” situations. If one is looking for a match-grade trigger that exceeds the U.S. Army’s TRADOC Rough Handling Requirements as well as the FBI Academy’s 1.5m drop test and corrosion resistance tests, Huber Concepts has it. This is the first match-grade trigger I’ve found that I personally feel comfortable “putting my stamp on” for serious applications. Mil-Spec triggers offer excellent ruggedness and reliability but lack the timing and tactile superiority of match grade triggers. On the contrary, most match-grade / competition triggers offer very nice timing and a clean break, but cannot give you the positive assurance of reliability and ruggedness needed for serious applications. These Huber Concepts Staged Break triggers offer the best of both worlds, something which is somewhat difficult to attain. Through the use of anti-friction ball bearings and double redundant safety mechanisms, Huber’s match grade triggers are BOTH safe and reliable as well as tactile and crisp.”

ALCO Bullets are designed for the long-distance shooters and supports Huber Triggers.
Go to http://huberconcepts.com/ site to see other high-quality trigger options.

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