EXTREME DUTY! - Huber 2-Stage Trigger for Remington 700 - Rex Reviews

Posted by on 11/15/2018

Good Stuff About Triggers

ALCO Bullets wants to share a piece from Tiborasaurus Rex discussing the Huber 2-Stage Trigger for a Remington 700 used by professional shooters.  It is a technical discussion in which he explains how the custom-made triggers are designed to be consistent and last a long time without wearing down or changing. It is a superior trigger that is durable for 100,000 shots due to the unique ball bearing technology. T Rex describes in detail how the Huber triggers incorporate physics and timing to interface with the ‘human’ trigger to improve your shooting skills. The video talks about the differences between standard marksmanship concepts and theory for normal triggers and the advantages of a Huber model. The fundamentals of rifle marksmanship are reviewed with particular attention to ‘trigger squeeze’ and how it relates to the lay of the rifle at the precise time the trigger breaks to hold on target. Thank you to Rex Reviews for this nice video discussion.   

Go to http://huberconcepts.com/ site to see other high-quality trigger options. 

Determining Bullet Seating Depth Video

Posted by on 11/7/2018
ALCO Bullets shares a brief video on how it to get the best performance out of a cartridge with high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) Ultra Low Drag (ULD) bullets for long range shooting. 
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