Alco Bullets Review .452 Caliber – Deer Hunt

Joshua C. was kind enough to send us this video he took while deer hunting in Lewiston, UT – God’s country. Lewiston is situated at the northern Utah border by Idaho. Joshua says, “I can literally take my scope, look out the back window of my home and at any one time see 40 to 60 elk.” For the hunt, he along with his cousin, loaded up his horse trailer, drove four miles up the nearby mountains to a trail head, unloaded and packed in. Josh shot the deer you see in the video. Since he was a little boy he has gone regularly with family and a few friends for both deer and elk. Also a bow hunter, he prefers to use a smokeless muzzle-loader loaded with the Black Horn 209 powder (which is legal in his state) along with our .452 Alpha Hunters. Joshua has lived in the area his entire life. Hunting is in his blood, enough so that his email handle says ‘lives to hunt’ – we think he’s living right and wish him continued success.

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