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ALCO Custom Precision Bullets
Custom Engineered for Extreme Precision

ALCO Custom Bullets are the most accurate projectiles available on the market. These precision bullets are custom engineered with superior accuracy for long-range shooting applications. The bullets have high ballistic coefficients (B.C.), feature rebated boat tails and are ultra-low drag (ULD). ALCO Custom Bullets are "hand" made to insure you receive the best bullets possible with the tightest tolerances for consistent accuracy.

ALCO Custom Bullet Tips: Our tips are turned on a CNC precision machine using the highest quality metals for the best results. Engineered for solid pinpoint accuracy in competitive applications, the design allows you to create tight groups at all ranges. The tips give us an uniquely superior meplat of 0.005 which provides extreme aerodynamics and trajectory.

ALCO Custom Bullet Jackets and Lead Core: The jackets are 100% copper. We custom swage pure lead cores to exact weights for each bullet to ensure quality and uniformity for extreme precision. 

ALCO Custom Bullet Accuracy: Our projectiles go through a seven-step hand process to insure you receive the most accurate high-performance bullets on the market. Precision long range bullets require a higher level of craftsmanship for marksmen. All are made from materials produced in the USA.

ALCO Custom Bullet Ultra-Low Drag

ALCO promises an Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) bullet with high ballistic coefficients for extreme long-distance shooters. The full ULD specification includes a Rebated Boat Tail (RBT) design instead of the standard boat tail. This gains about 15% in accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast induced dispersion. The RBT step, deflects most of the muzzle blast gas in a ring whereas the conventional boat tail tends to focus into a ball in front of the emerging bullet, adding about 15% to the dispersion or random buffeting of the projectile.


ALCO Custom Bullets in .308 caliber: We have a great array of precision projectiles for 30 caliber. The weights range from as small as 155-grain and go to 240-grain. Check out our Next Generation series. We developed these handmade bullets to meet customer demand for heavier grain projectiles to keep the lengths reasonable for our shooters.

ALCO Custom Bullets in .284 caliber: The precision bullets for 7 MM rifles that we have on the market for long-distance shooting, have become tremendously popular with the new guns that are on the market now. They are offered in 168-, 180- and 195-grain.

ALCO Custom Bullets in .452 caliber: Our handmade bullets are an excellent performer for a 45-caliber cartridge gun as well as a Smokeless Muzzle loader rifle. The jackets are custom made from a strip of 100% copper and pulled to specific lengths. The pure lead cores are swaged to exact weights and feature 10- and 12-ogive CNC machined tips.   

Precision Custom Bullet Smiths: We are bullet smiths and hold ourselves up to very high standards for precision performance. We do custom orders to meet our customer needs. We are constantly introducing new bullets for our customers. Watch for new calibers coming soon. Please contact us for your needs. Our precision bullets are in high demand. We do work often on a backlog because our shooters are using them faster than we can produce. Thus, please plan ahead, give us a call at 417-501-6961. We are producing special orders for customers who ask for it and they take priority. This way you are assured to get what you want, when you want it. We are family owned and appreciate your business. Thank you.