About Us

Custom Precision Long Range Bullets

ALCO Bullets, LLC (ALCO) offers custom precision long-range bullets that are ultra-low drag (ULD) with high ballistic coefficients (BCs). Designed for extreme long-range precision shooters and hunters, they are each "hand" made one-by-one to insure you receive the best bullets possible with the tightest tolerances for consistent accuracy. Each match bullet is hand-checked by a ballistic technician for base to ogive, weight and size to insure quality, stability as well as performance.

High Ballistic Tips

ALCO precision metal tips are some of the sharpest available and enhance the ballistic coefficients of our products. ALCO uses either mild steel or aluminum for the ballistic tip. This allows the tip to be pushed into the body of the projectile for maximum expansion when hunting animals and is devastating on large game. Engineered for solid pinpoint accuracy in competitive applications, the design allows you to create tight groups from 100 to 3000 yards and more. The aluminum tips give us a met plat of 0.005 which helps to maintain extreme distance and trajectory. We offer the steel tip in our heavier bullets which keeps the overall length from being too long and still maintain the higher BC.

Ultra-Low Drag

ALCO promises an Ultra-Low Drag (ULD) bullet with high ballistic coefficients for extreme long-distance shooters. The full ULD specification includes a Rebated Boat Tail (RBT) design instead of the standard boat tail. This gains about 15% in accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast induced dispersion. The RBT step, deflects most of the muzzle blast gas in a ring whereas the conventional boat tail tends to focus into a ball in front of the emerging bullet, adding about 15% to the dispersion or random buffeting of the projectile. The ULD bullets use both a rebated boat tail and a 14-caliber secant for improved trajectory.

High Quality Control

ALCO has stringent quality controls with a full custom process to insure precision bullet performance. We create a better bullet projectile because we fit each part together throughout every step of the process. We use high quality materials for consistency and check each projectile by hand for weight and perfection, not production machines. It is a slow labor-intensive six step process for each bullet.

Custom Orders Welcome

Currently, ALCO offers precision .284, .308, and .452 bullets in several weights. If you need a higher quantity to work up loads or for an upcoming competition, it is best to contact us directly and get on a schedule to receive. It helps us plan as we make these up, plus lets you know they will be available for your needs. We also offer custom orders for people who want a bullet in weight or size that is unique. You are also welcome to go on our waiting list when we have a bullet that is out of stock and will automatically be notified by email when we add bullets into supply. Please like/follow us on Facebook to see when we have replenished supplies or offering new bullet designs too.

ALCO Service Promise

We genuinely appreciate each of our customers and want to thank you for your support. We strive to provide the best products and customer service possible. We offer the best value and friendly service because we work with you. We are family owned and operated – we go the distance for you.

Thank you, Bill Shepek