ALCO Precision .308 220 Grain Rebate Boat Tail STEEL TIP  ULD - Box of 50

ALCO Precision .308 220 Grain Rebate Boat Tail STEEL TIP ULD - Box of 50

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Part Number:1008
  • Packaged:50 Per Box
  • Tip:Machined Steel Tip
  • Bullet:Copper Jacket, Lead Core
  • Manufactured:In The USA
  • Bullet OAL:1.60
  • Bullet BC G1:.888
We are introducing the Next Generation of metal tipped bullets starting with ALCO Precision .308 220 grain Rebated Boat Tail Steel Tip that is Ultra Low Drag. The ballistic coefficient for this bullet is a G1 of .888 which is significant for a heavy grain projectile. We expect the next generation of ALCO bullets designs to continue to improve in quality as we move forward.

The Ultra Low Drag (ULD) bullet was developed during the Viet Nam era for long range military sniper operations. Some of the characteristics of the ULD includes a rebated boat tail (RBT) design instead of the standard boat tail. For about 15% gain in a accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast induced dispersion: the RBT step deflects most of the muzzle blast gas in a ring whereas the conventional boat tail tends to focus it into a ball in front of the emerging bullet. Ultra Low Drag bullets use both a rebated boat tail and a 14-caliber secant with a .014-inch offset from tangent, to achieve minimum air resistance for a given weight and caliber.

ALCO Precision Bullets are made with the tightest tolerances in the industry. This bullet ensures precision shooting for any target shooter, hunter or precision sportsman. Each ULD bullet is checked for base to Ogive, weight and each is finished by hand to insure consistent size. 

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