ALCO Precision .224 in 69-Grain Rebated Boat Tail Aluminum Tip ULD - 50 Quantity

ALCO Precision .224 in 69-Grain Rebated Boat Tail Aluminum Tip ULD - 50 Quantity

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Part Number:1082
  • Packaged:50 quantity
  • Tip :Manufactured Aluminum
  • Bullet:Copper Jacket, Lead Core
  • Manufactured:USA
  • Bullet OAL:1.04
  • Bullet BC G1 :.459

ALCO Precision .224 in 69-Grain Rebate Boat Tail Aluminum Tip ULD. These long-range precision bullets are engineered to have very high ballistic coefficients (BC) and are ultra-low drag (ULD) to be accurate and hold in wind conditions. Alco bullets are known for having the unique aluminum tip with great meplat which adds to the ULD and stability for the competitive long-distance shooter or hunter. The bullets are made with the tightest tolerances in the industry. This ensures precision shooting for target shooters and sportsmen. Each bullet is custom hand made and checked for base to Ogive and weight, to insure consistency. Each bullet is pointed up by hand, sized and checked during production for quality.


The ultra-long-distance bullet was initially developed during the Viet Nam era for long range military sniper. The ALCO bullet ULD specification includes a rebated boat tail design instead of the standard boat tail for about 15% gain in accuracy by reducing muzzle-blast induced dispersion. The RBT step deflects most of the muzzle blast gas in a ring whereas the conventional design tends to focus it into a ball in front of the emerging bullet, adding about 15% to the dispersion or random buffeting of the projectile.


ALCO ULD bullets use both a rebated boat tail and a 14-caliber secant with a .014-inch offset from tangent, to achieve minimum air resistance for a given weight and caliber. Using the aluminum tip gives you approximately 0.50 thousandths longer bullet and will shift the weight to the rear of bullet and add to the ballistic coefficient.

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