• Competitive Shooter

    After testing out different seating depths and getting the right powder load I found that these new precision bullets not only lived up to and surpassed my expectations. Having some doubts with such high BC’s with alot of companies not living up to their promises I used these at a recent long range precision rifle class and placed first at 700 and 800 yards. As well as having a sub moa group that topped off the the day at 700 yds I’m definitely a believer in Alco and what Alan is doing with these long range bullets that are changing the limits with what a 308 is capable of!

    Aaron W. , Competitive Shooter
  • Long Range Hunter

    Took my custom 300 rum to the range today to solidify what I had discovered with much testing last year. I had Berger 215’s, Hornady A-max 208’s and Alco 210’s. I have shot the 208’s and 215’s extensively and know how long to load them and at what charge they work best. I loaded some Alco 210’s for the first time just to see how they perform because their BC is very intriguing. I shot the others and they all performed very well and at the very end I decided to shoot the 210’s. I pleasantly surprised to see that my best group was the 210 Alco’s. I loaded them with 1 grain less RL25 to start and they ran 50 fps above the others. It is my first time shooting them but if this keeps up they will be my 300 rum bullet.

    Kim. , Long Range Hunter

Alco Bullets are trusted by long range hunters, record holders, match shooters and champions.

The Ultra Low-Drag design projectiles are very streamlined with a long nose and we use either mild steel or aluminum for the Ballistic Tip that intersects the body of the projectile.  This does 2 things: One, it increases the Ballistic Coefficient of the projectile, and two it allows the tip to be pushed into the body of the projectile for maximum expansion when hunting game animals and is utterly devastating on Large Game.

The Rebated boat tail or (RBT) is a hybrid between the accurate flat base projectile and the long range stability of the traditional boat tail projectile.  In turn, you get the best of both worlds, and when combined with the ULD design and longer balllistic tip, you get one of the most accurate projectiles.

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